Search Engine Marketing Expertise

We offer integrated campaign development for search engine marketing (SEM) and management across all search marketing platforms. Our team currently manages hundreds of successful paid search campaigns with thousands of targeted keywords and phrases and tens of thousands unique text ads, all updated weekly. We are industry-certified as a Google Adwords Qualified Company,one of the few in the country. In addition, our search staff maintains certifications and top search marketing credentials.

Our Paid Search Philosophy

Text ads must be compelling. These brief bursts of copy mean more than you might think. While other agencies focus on bid strategies, keywords and position, we focus on copy.

Creative Performance

Creative performance is the truest measure of success. We look at which ads and which campaigns provide the most qualified leads and adjust according to these real-time results. We strategize and build search marketing campaigns with continuity between keywords, ads and landing pages.

Integrated Solution

It's important to keep in mind that although effective and important, search engine marketing is but one component of an integrated Internet marketing plan. We combine search marketing with search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing and more to build a comprehensive, strategic Internet marketing campaign that drives qualified traffic.

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We increase the return on your Internet marketing investment. We drive up conversion rates by nurturing leads and improving usability through continuous testing.