Online Advertising for Qualified Traffic

We target banner ads and promotional microsites for placement, circulation and messaging to maximize qualified traffic generation. As part of a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, online advertising provides a range of benefits.

Types of Publishers

We look at three general types of publishers for online advertising venues:

  • Local Sites
    In the past, the Web has had a global association, connecting businesses to customers around the world. The new trend that's evolving online is that of the local Web, which connects customers to businesses in their neighborhoods and towns. For local placements, we use other relevant local business Web sites, search engines, local directory Web sites, industry-specific lists, review sites and online communities.
  • Portals and Premium Sites
    Online advertising may also include targeted ad buys on major mainstream content producers and portals. These constitute heavily trafficked Web sites and popular content portals where brand awareness and broad reach can be achieved.

  • Ad Networks
    Depending on the overall strategy, we may employ the use of online advertising networks that pull together ad space from various Web sites. Through certain ad networks, we can reach audiences comparable in size to those at premium Web sites.


As part of an online advertising campaign, we target placements based on geographic, demographic, behavioral and contextual criteria. We base this targeting on defined goals for driving qualified traffic. Your best prospects and customers are identified and reached through targeted placements according to specific, definitive conditions.

Creative Performance

Types of creative for online advertising varies from static banner ads, flash banner ads, rich media, text links, and other types depending on the placements and targeting methods. We select the type and placements based on research and targeting then track and analyze the creative performance of each advertisement, making adjustments based on real feedback. This includes time spent, level of interactivity and click through rates, depending on conversion goals. Whether the conversion is engagement, purchase, brand awareness or lead generation, creative performance is measured as cost per order.

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