Driving Qualified Traffic

It's not just about traffic generation and driving up page views. We want to attract as many of your potential prospects and customers as possible. This means being targeted and strategic about traffic generation to draw upon those visitors most qualified for conversion. Getting people to visit your Web site is only the first step in our traffic generation strategy. Retaining as many as possible is next. Converting as many visitors as possible is the ultimate goal in traffic generation strategy. Engaging content is paramount to traffic retention, but regardless of how relevant, timely and usable your content is, visitors still won't engage if they're not looking for your information, products or services. There are a number of tactics we employ when approaching traffic generation:

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Good old organic SEO, from code to content.
  • Search Marketing
    Popularity can be bought. We know how.
  • Online Advertising
    Interrupt them. Make them stop and look. Attract them.
  • E-mail Marketing
    It's all about relevance, self-selection and effective messaging.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    We work with some of the best super affiliate networks.
  • Social Media
    It's all about community, generating and deploying net promoters.
  • Mobile
    The conversion of mobile search and browsing technologies.

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