Here we offer a collection of developer utilities and code snippets that we have fun with and think you might enjoy too. In fact, we think you'll find them quite useful as well. After all, we developers are a serious lot and must have practical use for tools we employ. To that end, we're providing, free of charge, our very own ZipLogs utility as well as our customized Umbraco Framework. These tools are available for download to anyone who wishes to check them out.


ZipLogs ThumbnailThis handy little utility makes IIS log file management simple and easy. Each night, ZipLogs collects and zips all of the log files for all Web sites, FTP sites and SMTP services and deletes the original file after verification, which saves precious space. This results in a 5 to 1 compression ratio. It also makes these log files easier to access for analysis through third-party analytics tools like ClickTracks and WebTrends.

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