The best content management systems available

Our team draws from extensive experience and expertise to develop a superior content management system (CMS) for our clients that integrates the very best technologies currently available. We used to build our own CMS, before the influx of open source CMS solutions hit the market. Our meticulous developers and engineers personally researched over 25 of the top open source CMS systems available before hand selecting the best one, Umbraco, to customize and implement our custom, user-centered structure.

Integrated workflow

We work with Microsoft Content Management Server, SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal 2007 (MOS) for implementations that need to leverage integrated workflow processes and Active Directory integration.

Customized CMS specifically tailored for each client:

  • Based on Umbraco open source .NET content management system
  • Offers robust functionality, tested and widely deployed
  • Includes full search technology
  • Developed with the capability to define custom document types and meta-data
  • Fully managed C# .NET source code with SQL Server database
  • Leverages integrated workflow process for distributed updates

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