Our team of technology experts strengthens our value to our customers. With the technological expertise in-house, we provide a comprehensive solution to Internet marketing challenges. Software engineers and developers work together with creative strategists, artists and writers to build the most effective, user-centered Web presence possible.

Content management

Our developers have decades of combined experience working with numerous content management systems (CMS) across all technology platforms. Based on research and our combined experience as well as our Digital Magnet philosophy, we have developed a superior, customizable CMS to deliver to our customers. The CMS we provide for your Web site is flexible and functional, able to integrate with various databases and custom data elements.

Creative Performance

The creative performance of your Web site is the truest measure of our success. Creative performance requires consistency and continuity between marketing, ads and landing pages and is measured by conversion-by what creative elements provide the most qualified leads.

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We increase the return on your Internet marketing investment. We drive up conversion rates by nurturing leads and improving usability through continuous testing.