Digital Magnet: Our User-centered Methodology

Targeted Internet marketing opportunities

Our approach to creating effective Internet marketing is to develop and implement a user-centric strategy to attract, prompt and induce your prospects and customers, both to get them where they want to go quickly and to drive conversions. The Internet provides opportunities that will cater to individual needs of target demographics, which helps reduce waste in marketing spend as well as start dialogues with your customers.

Reaching your audience through Internet marketing

Whether you're building a Web site or developing a social media campaign to reach your customers, it's important to understand your audience and how they're likely to engage with your brand. There are four general reasons why people will visit your Web site:

  • Information (content)
  • Utility (tools, e-commerce)
  • Entertainment (videos, content)
  • Community (social networking)

A great Web site is the cornerstone of all Internet marketing efforts

We can drive traffic to your Web site all day long, but if the audience doesn't pay attention and engage once there, it won't mean much. Our holistic approach includes an information architecture strategy that divides your content and information by audience. Once the site serves its purpose in an easy-to-use solution for your prospects, the reach of our Internet marketing campaigns to drive traffic will pay off in the form of conversions. Our proprietary process is designed to capitalize on the specific needs of your audience, begin the conversation and nurture the relationship at every stage of the sales funnel.

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We push. We drive traffic to your Web site. We are creative marketers and technologists working together to build targeted Internet marketing campaigns that reach your best prospects with strategic relevance.

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