Our Digital Magnet philosophy is focused on results. Each client brings us a unique set of problems to be solved.

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The user experience is the central consideration in the design and development of any Web presence, whether it's Internet marketing, a promotional landing page, a microsite or a corporate Web site. Design for the Web, unlike other marketing and advertising mediums, is more about getting out of the user's way and carefully architecting the user experience to achieve certain goals.  In practice, this means:

  • Holistic user-interface design: Merge marketing and technology
  • Digital Magnet: Cater to User experience
  • Start with the map: Great designs emerge from great information architecture
  • Creative performance drives aesthetics: Visual or graphic design is always phase two

There are many factors to this, including specifics like the appropriate use of Flash, CSS-based elements, Table-less design and integrated content management and search. The solution is tailored from our proven methodology to the specific goals of each campaign.

We've provided the following case studies to illustrate how our approach has worked for our clients.

McGuire (thumb)McGuire

A Web site combining user-centric navigation with a robust CMS and custom client extranet with advanced reporting capabilities.


Massage EnvyMassage Envy

A Web site that increased foot traffic, daily orders online and average order size by 40%.