User-centered SEO

Speak your prospect's language.

When optimizing your Web site for search, we again must understand your best prospects and customers and the words they use. Writing plain spoken headlines that match what your customers are searching for will both catch their attention and weigh more heavily in the search engine's algorithm, thus rank higher. We have a variety of applications that allow us to research the most relevant keywords and phrases as well as find the exact wording being searched for most often. We target and optimize for relevant phrases that will draw the most qualified leads, as the longer the search query, the more specific the need to be matched. Prospects searching for your product or service with multi-word phrases are typically further down the sales funnel and more likely to convert.

Information Architecture and SEO

Information Architecture plays a significant role in SEO strategy. Best practices in Information Architecture for SEO include:

  • Ensuring that all pages can be indexed by search engines.
  • Building an optimal navigational framework that will guide search engine crawlers right to your content.

Good information architecture for search engine optimization also means a well-planned and organized navigational system. Links are the signposts that direct search engine crawlers where to go to find and index your content. The structure should be clean, redundant and coded in plain HTML.

User Experience

Search engines, at present, can only index textual content. This does not mean that images and videos and other multimedia content can't be among your Web site's content. If multi-media enhances the user experience, it belongs there. All multi-media content on your Web site should include optimized textual descriptions for indexing.

Popularity and SEO

Third party validation is a powerful component of ranking high on search engine results pages. Building a network of inbound links is required and its success includes a number of contributing factors:

  • Serving high quality content that is helpful and usable
  • Simple URLs for each page that stay live and consistent forever
  • White Hat link building campaigns
  • Submission to paid as well as edited online directories

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