Third-party validation

Popularity is perhaps the single most important factor in search engine optimization. And what contributes most to achieving popularity on the Web is having good, useful Web site content. People are not coming to your Web site for marketing hype. Hard facts presented in a simple, concise way constitute good Web site content.

Digital Magnet: attraction vs. promotion

This lends credibility to your Web site and your brand. Extraordinary claims and self-promotion turn off your prospects and customers as well as industry affiliates. When a user arrives at your Web site, the focus shifts from promotion to attraction.

Web site credibility

Give industry affiliates a reason to link to and recommend your Web site. Not only will search engines rank your Web site higher for credibility through popularity, but so will your prospects and customers. If a respected third party thinks highly of your Web site content enough to link to it, people will want to see what you have to offer.

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