High-quality, user-centered content

Quality means clarity over confusion and utility over beauty. Your prospects and customers come to your Web site for a reason. They're required to use your Web site in pursuit of a purpose. They want quick, intuitive access to the precise information they're seeking. They want the information presented efficiently.

Organized content tailored for user behavior

Web site content should not get in the way of your visitors. If your Web site makes it easy for your visitor to find and understand the information he's looking for, he will likely trust your company and brand as well as come back to your Web site.

Format content for quick consumption and comprehension

For any given topic a person might be interested in, there will be hundreds if not thousands of Web sites containing related information. There is no way to consume that much information, nor would anyone want to. Users have to make quick decisions, within seconds, whether to stay and read more or move on. Presenting strong content in small, scannable and digestible chunks will go a long way in keeping your prospects and customers engaged.

Digital Magnet

We can't emphasize this point enough: Know your audience. This is the essence of our Digital Magnet philosophy. The voice and tone of the writing and the way it's presented will be vastly different if your target audience is teenagers wanting to begin establishing credit than if it is seniors looking for information on heart health.

Web site content development best practices:

  • Write clear, solid content in plain-spoken language
  • Organize information in an intuitive, accessible structure
  • Format content for optimum scannability and comprehension
  • Know your audience and write to them

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