User experience

Designing Web sites for the benefit of your best customers' and prospects' optimal user experience means designing around your brand. We capitalize on the engaging features of your brand and create multiple paths for prospects to self-select where they want to go based on what they're looking for. User experience is looked at from a few different perspectives: technical, marketing, and end-to-end.

Technical user experience

Certain usability guidelines govern how we design Web sites, both front and back ends, for technical ease of use. Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, intuitive navigation structures, menu structures and simple URLs are just a few of the technical standards we keep in mind when designing to create a better technical user experience.

Marketing user experience

Using plain language, toning down marketing hype and avoiding the use of industry slang and technical terms are part of marketing user experience. The more a prospect can understand and relate to you, the more effective your marking and the more usable it is.

End-to-end user experience

In the end, it's the total user experience that matters most. From a prospect's first introduction to your brand to your Web site through the sale and beyond, an integrated, end-to-end usability is essential. An integrated Internet marketing campaign must be focused on user experience, from beginning to end.

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