The sales cycle

The first and most critical stage of the sales cycle is to understand your customers. Understanding the motivations, problems, wants and needs of your best prospects and customers forms the basis for the entire relationship.

From the beginning of the sales cycle to the end, we strategically align all internet marketing tactics to reach, engage and convert your prospects into customers. Then we measure our creative performance through detailed tracking and reporting and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Net promoters

Customer retention is an essential function of your Web site and a part of the sales cycle. Once you acquire a customer, keeping them loyal and energizing them into net promoters is equivalent in value to a hundred qualified leads.

Driving traffic to your Web site

When launching a traffic generation campaign specifically for driving online sales, we use a variety of methods ranging from search engine optimization, search marketing, online advertising and in some cases, social media to drive prospects to a microsite or landing page designed to convert.

Conversion optimization

When we design a Web site, landing page or microsite for online sales, we perform conversion optimization to maximize sales. Conversion optimization strategies include multi-variate testing, tracking and reporting, analysis and creative performance optimization.

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