Driving foot traffic from the Web

There are a number of Internet marketing tactics that we use to drive foot traffic to your physical location. These methods include:

  • Review Web sites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display advertising - geo-targeted ads
  • Local site listings (AZ Central)

Review Web sites

Product reviews and business rating Web sites are becoming more and more common as social media grows. Many Review Web sites are populated with user-generated content-customers that have something to say about their experiences with businesses and products. Other review Web sites employ professional writers to post reviews on pre-selected products, services or business topics. A review Web site is an ideal platform for use in Internet marketing campaigns designed to drive foot traffic from the Web.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for foot traffic

The advent of local search and mobile marketing has brought new opportunity to Internet marketing for Web to foot traffic generation. When a prospect is looking for a product or service in your area that you provide, they'll find you. In both traditional Web search and new mobile search platforms, local SEO for driving foot traffic is a tactic we use frequently.

Geo-targeted advertising

With geo-targeted Internet marketing, we can determine the physical location of a Web site visitor and deliver different ads or content based on that visitor's location. Geo-targeting banner ads to deliver a more customized message, offer and call to action to specified locations is a method of geo-targeting we typically employ.

Local site listings

Directory Web sites that are local to your community or industry are perfect venues for link building and traffic generation campaigns. We'll work to ensure that your Web site is linked from all available local Web-based directories.

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