Engagement marketing

Engaging your audience with your brand is, like all of Internet marketing, both an art and a science. There are definite and proven methods-mechanisms by which to engage. There are also subtleties such as voice and tone, concept and color, time and place. There are a number of ways we approach and measure engagement marketing, including:

  • Relevant Content
  • Content Syndication
  • Rich Media

Relevant content

Whether a Web site's content is relevant to the audience or not is easily determined by measuring the average time spent on the Web site. If users are coming to the site and clicking into it, consuming the content in relevant sections, we call that engagement. If, on the other hand, a Web site has a lot of bounces, hits to a page with quick exits, we know the content is less than relevant, at least for the portion of the audience not engaging. In engagement marketing, relevant content is the single most important factor for success.

Content syndication

Another method for presenting relevant content on a Web site is to pull it from other sources that allow live RSS feeds. Presenting syndicated content is a way to gain a share of an existing audience that might be interested in related topics. It goes both ways too. Content on your Web site such as blogs, news items and articles can be syndicated for outward distribution online as well as subscriptions.

Rich media

Creative assets that offer interaction with users are rich media. These assets can be very effective for reaching and engaging a target audience, provided the content presented is interesting and relevant. We can also measure the level of interaction with rich media assets and adjust them accordingly.

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