Strategic requirements planning

The first phase of any Web development project involves understanding and defining the technical specifications, functionality, process flow and business impact requirements for your Web site or Web application, then onto planning our approach to achieving that vision. Our strategists and business analysts dig deep during these phases, working alongside our information architects and software engineers to draw up a detailed visual and technical blueprint for your Web site or Web application.

Branding and positioning meet information architecture

Once again, integrating our art and science expertise, we bring marketing and business strategy in with information architecture and technical strategy to complete the first two phases of our Digital Magnet Web development process: inception and elaboration. Inception involves defining the vision and purpose of the Web site or Web application and addresses high level requirements while elaboration proceeds with visual designs, core messaging and specific technical requirements.

Requirements architecture

A requirements planning engagement will provide you with the blueprint you need to understand the impact of your development effort and help you make decisions about how to resource the project. At the Internet Marketing Agency, our goal is to help you manage the development process, whether that means creating an RFP, managing development resources you provide, developing the project for you or any combination of the above.

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