Linking customer behavior and e-commerce strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for Web-based storefronts. Consumer behaviors online evolve, so the ways in which we engage consumers must evolve. We research and analyze trends in online consumer behaviors for a given scope of products or services and use that information to develop our e-commerce strategy. Some of the methods we use to research user behavior are:

  • Comment Boxes
  • Live Chat
  • Monitored Usability Tests
  • Surveys

Flexible options. Full-featured storefronts

Our e-commerce solutions are full-featured with everything from search engine friendly URL structures, site maps, and HTML to complex promotions allowing for elaborate combinations of buy one/get one offers, up sell/cross sell and check out promotions.

Got your own system? Need a custom solution?

If you have your own system or need a custom solution designed for specific product offerings, we will build an e-commerce solution to suit your exact needs. We've designed and implemented large-scale, secure solutions that process millions of dollars of transactions every month. A few of the features we typically build into our customized e-commerce solutions include:

  • Recurring Billing with Automatic Adjustments
  • Single Product Purchase
  • Purchase of Services
  • Integration with Order Processing Systems and Mainframes

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