Web Site Design

A common pitfall many corporate Web sites fall in to is that they're designed according to the aesthetic preferences of the business owners and principals. Your Web site isn't for you. It's for your prospects and customers. Who are they? What will engage them? Your home page is the cover of your book. And trust us when we say, you can judge a book by its cover.

Digital Magnet Web site design methodology

Our technical strategists have a detailed, rigorous Web design process adapted from the Rational Unified Process to steer our creative through four organized stages: inception, elaboration, construction and transition. This process is part of that map we talked about-it ensures that the site performs to achieve defined goals.

Web site design philosophy

Our philosophy is focused on usability. Web design, unlike other advertising mediums, is about getting out of the user's way and carefully architecting the user experience to achieve marketing goals. In practice, this is embodied in our core design principles:

  • Merging marketing and technology
  • Great designs come from great information architecture
  • Visual design is part of our second phase: Elaboration
  • Integrate content management and search
  • Develop the site to be search engine friendly

Search engine friendly Web site design

Designing a site to be search engine friendly doesn't just mean that it's search engine optimized for target keywords and phrases. You can have great content for specific keywords but still be invisible to search engines. What's under the hood is what matters. In other words, there are technical best practices that have to be built into the coding of your Web site. Our coding methodology has rigorous technology standards designed to make your Web site easy for the search engines to process and evaluate. This way, when our creative add great, relevant content, you get real results.

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