Internet Marketing Agency and Usability

Web sites are of no use unless they're usable.

Our Digital Magnet methodology combines the engineering precision of human factor research with our creative thinking and marketing savvy to achieve the highest level of usability. And the best part is that when you create a better user experience, you convert better.

Usability is Internet marketing common sense

Accessible and intuitive makes for a pleasant user experience. You don't want your customers and prospects frustrated with your Web site. You may worry that focusing on usability will cost you stellar design. Not so. Our artists come to the rescue. They are exceptionally skilled in beautifying every interface with elegance, edge, tawdriness or restraint-whatever is called for by the audience we're engaging. However, we refuse to overcomplicate with design and sacrifice functionality and, therefore, conversions. That doesn't mean safe and boring. It means the best of both worlds.

There are three rules of engagement when designing for usability:

  • Let them decide.
    Employ all three navigational patterns on the Web site: browse, search and needs-based.
  • Don't overwhelm.
    Feature a maximum of three major focal points per page.
  • Allow for quick access.
    Any information on the Web site has to be three clicks or fewer away.

Usability testing

Our approach to usability testing ranges from exploratory reviews and evaluations to in-person usability testing to complex multi-variate testing. We use what we learn to optimize processes and design to continually increase online conversion.

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