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mobile users have different goals

The numbers are steadily rising for the volume of mobile traffic. More and more companies are repurposing their Web sites for mobile users as a result. This is a wise decision, as the size of the mobile audience is significant already and only growing with the evolving technology in mobile devices. Nearly everyone with a cell phone has the ability to browse the Web on the same device.

But it's not just a matter of repurposing content to fit a mobile screen. Rather, mobile users have completely different goals. Think about what mobile platform users want to do with your site and address those needs directly.

mobile web solutions

Rather than mobile Web sites, we engineer mobile Web solutions. Although it may contain much of the same content as your regular Web site, the organization, presentation, graphics, copy, etc. must be reworked to meet the needs of your mobile audience. Most mobile users want immediate access to information based on personal preferences, location, time of day and social setting when browsing from a mobile device.

Mobile Web sites should always feature phone numbers with links to call directly from the page; hours of operation should be prominent and easy to find; addresses should link to and integrate with Google Maps. These are just some of the best practices for mobile Web sites. The bottom line: mobile Web sites should be approached as a distinct solution with a separate strategy, site map, storyboards, etc.

ME MOBIle, a mobile web site case study

The Internet Marketing Agency created a mobile Web solution for Massage Envy, the nation's leading massage therapy franchise. The mobile Web site, ME Mobile, has just ten pages compared to hundreds of pages of available content on the company's corporate Web site. The information that Massage Envy's mobile audience is looking for was identified and organized in a clean, concise and efficient way. The focus of ME Mobile is utility rather than research. When optimizing the content for ME Mobile, copy was made shorter and bulleted for quick consumption, vanity numbers were stripped out, and the phone numbers that were displayed were dialed directly from the page.

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