Conversion Rate Optimization

Multi-variate Testing

We have systems in place to conduct conversion rate optimization through multi-variate testing. The ability to change and test more than one element on a user interface and track its affect on conversion performance saves us time by speeding up the optimization process, ultimately leading to increased profits sooner.

Multiple Variables

We can test as many variables as we choose including specific design elements, messages, campaign components, branding, offers, etc. We conduct this research on a variety of interfaces such as landing pages, e-commerce check out pages, e-mails and Web applications.

Usability Research

Multi-variate testing provides immediate improvements in conversion performance as well as several other benefits. Seeing the exact performance impact in real time of 10 or 20 distinct changes on an interface will provide valuable information on usability and user-behavior trends. With no limit on the number of variables we can test, we have tremendous creative latitude, which leads to breakthrough ideas while evolving a brand.

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