Four Internet Marketing Campaign Scenarios

Getting the performance and delivery results that you need from display advertising campaigns can be difficult. It's often a complex puzzle to solve with myriad variables affecting the outcome - an adjustment to frequency can set off a dip in performance, for example, yet adjusting it the other way would impact delivery. This blog series will discuss the four Internet marketing campaign scenarios that call for optimization of performance, delivery, or both:

  1. Performing and delivering
  2. Performing and not delivering
  3. Delivering and not performing
  4. Not performing and not delivering

Any changes made to a campaigns setting can affect either or both performance and delivery. These are the four scenarios that could possible result from a change to settings. It's disheartening to see a necessary change to the budget, for example, result in lower performance. However, there are several tactics that can be applied manually that will assist in keeping performance and delivery optimal throughout all scenarios. Below are various scenarios that you might encounter with any campaign along with a list of tactics you can employ to optimize performance and/ or delivery with each.

 Performing and Delivering

This is the best case scenario. When a campaign is meeting or exceeding both performance and delivery goals, you may want to leave it alone and simply monitor it for any changes. You may also be able to generate even better performance from it, however you should be conservative with tactics toward this objective so as not to detract from delivery. Some ideas for how to safely maximize performance without detracting from the status quo are:

  1. Run a site performance report and add more Inventory to what's working best. If your ads are running on the ComScore top 100 Web sites, for example, you might determine which of these is registering the most clicks or the highest CTR and determine whether you can purchase more of that inventory.
  2. Pause any inventory that is not performing well. Similarly, if there are Web sites that your Ads are consistently not performing well on, you can simply pause the use of that Inventory and allocate that budget to better performing inventory.
  3. Extend your target audience to include additional, similar consumer groups. There are several third party data and analytics tools that will generate an extended audience based on what types of consumers are converting most often for your campaigns. Use one of these tools to extend your audience to include all potential converters.

In part two of this three part blog series, we'll look at the second scenario and how to optimize it: performing and not delivering.

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